What’s the book about?

This book will help children understand what autism is and learn how many successful people have used their uniquely wired brains to change the world for the better.

It will also help children to better understand and support autistic classmates or siblings and also promote discussion and understanding about celebrating differences.

What is autism?

Autism is a complex neurological condition where the brain is wired differently.

It can impair all areas of life from social interaction, communication, movement, learning but it can also lead to amazing achievements. For example, Einstein who has long been acknowledged as having autism, used his uniquely wired brain to change modern physics.

This book isn’t meant to minimise the challenges that some people face with autism but is aimed to help people embrace differences and embrace the gifts they have.

10% of all Australian direct sales from this website will be donated to Autism Spectrum Australia.

Readers have said…

This book landed so close to my heart, as a mum of a little guy on the spectrum I related to this so much it made me cry! Our children are different, but isn’t everyone. I love reading this story to my son to remind him how amazing he truly is 

Mykyla Wright

“A beautiful, heart-felt and inspiring story for all families. Learning to accept and celebrate our differences as a unique strength, a “special power”, is a lesson we can all learn from.”

Dr Dianne Whiteman