Our Story

I could see Lachlan was different around 18 months – he was in his own world and always running around. I felt judged by people when he was all over the place as though it was poor parenting. When the diagnosis came through of autism I just wanted to crawl into a hole with Lachlan and hide from the world.

After investing a lot of money over the next 3 years on early intervention therapy, we started seeing a lot of progress but I could see he was getting exhausted by therapy. After a challenging weekend of therapy and intervention we were driving home and Lachlan played the song ‘True Colors’ from Trolls on his iPad and for the first time he sang! As he sung I felt he was asking me to see his ‘true colors’. I remember this moment so vividly of tears rolling down my face. I realised then the person who needed to change the most wasn’t Lachlan…it was me.

Since that time I’ve truly embraced Lachlan’s differences and wanted to write a book to help him (and me) on this journey of acceptance.

This book is dedicated to inspiring people with autism who have changed the world for the better and to teach kids that being different can be brilliant. In fact different people are the ones that change the world!